Chairs & Chair Sets

Red Velvet Victorian Parlor Chair

Shelby Chairs

Rose Velvet Vintage Chair Set

Light Pink Linen Tufted Back Chair

Stella Chairs

Taupe Linen Chair Set 

Christian Chairs

Gray Tufted Velvet Chair Set

Aurum Chairs

Gold Cane Back/Ivory Velvet Chair Set

Marylou Chairs
Wing Back Ivory/Taupe Chair Set

Del Mar Chairs

Seafoam Green Velvet Modern Chair Set

Peggy Chairs

Purple Velvet Modern Chair Set

Cabo Chairs

Mexican Equipale Leather Chairs (4)

Polly Chairs

Black Modern Papasan Chair Set


Petite Ivory Tufted Chair

(for props only)

Juliette Chairs

Purple Tufted Velvet Chair Set

Ms. Bea
Pink Velvet Roll Back Chair

Priscilla Chairs

Blush Velvet Modern Chair Set

Montgomery Chairs
Olive Velvet Modern Chair Set

Emmy Chairs

Emerald Green Velvet Tufted Chair Set

Chip and Dale
Distressed Wood Coral Velvet Chair Set

Jade Chairs

Teal Green  Velvet Chair Set

Bonnie Chairs

Burgundy Velvet Modern Chair Set

Hadley Chairs

Mid Century Mod Beige Chair Set

William Chairs

Brown Faux Leather Chair Set

Rocco Chairs

Modern Papasan Chair Set


Petite Raspberry Velvet Chair

(for props only)

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